The CMP has Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) agreements with the Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, and Navy JROTC Commands, National 4-H Shooting Sports and the Boy Scouts of America to support the marksmanship programs of these organizations.  These agreements automatically make all JROTC units with marksmanship programs, 4-H Shooting Sports Clubs and BSA/Venturing organizations with marksmanship affiliates of the CMP.

As an MOU Affiliate, JROTC units, 4-H Shooting Sports Clubs and BSA organizations do not pay annual CMP affiliation fees.  Even though MOU's are automatically affiliated with the CMP, these organizations must still enroll with the CMP by submitting an Affiliation Application so that the CMP will have contact information for them.

Every club, team or camp with a junior marksmanship program must have at least one qualified marksmanship instructor over 21 years of age who is responsible for the firearms safety and marksmanship training program of the organization. In some organizations, the marksmanship instructor may be the same person as the adult leader who completes the CMP Affiliation Application for the organization.

Fill out and return the required forms to the address below. If you have any questions about affiliating with the CMP, please contact the CMP Affiliate Relations Department at 419-635-2141, Ext. 753. You may also contact this Department via e-mail at [email protected] for assistance. A Certificate of Affiliation and additional information will be forwarded to you as soon as your application is processed.

Download a printable MOU Annual Report.  Annual Reports are due April 1st. (Fillable Form)