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OpticScore Targets for Airgun & Smallbore

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The Future of E-Targets is Bright

The latest in KTS electronically-scored targets using the OpticScore system is now available in the North American market from CMP Targets.

OpticScore targets are a great choice for air rifle, air pistol and smallbore target shooting, greatly decreasing the expense of consumables, including masks and rubber or paper bands.

Projectiles penetrate the LED-illuminated target face in the same way as an acoustic target, but instead of sensing and timing sound waves, the pellet or round is optically detected by OpticScore as it passes through the face of the target.

Shot information is converted to data and instantly reported to the firing line monitor bullet’s center in the same way as a KTS acoustic target.

The CMP-KTS Connection

The Civilian Marksmanship Program has been a 501(c)(3) organization since 1996, with roots dating back to 1903 when the U.S. Congress established its founding as an entity of the U.S. Army.

The organization’s mission in both forms has been to promote fi rearm safety and marksmanship training. When privatized in 1996, an additional mandate was added: “with an emphasis on youth.”

The CMP-KTS connection formed when the CMP sought out a provider of electronic targets for its 500-acre marksmanship park in Talladega, Alabama. The successful venture spawned a North American distribution agreement between CMP and the Kongsberg Target Systems of Norway.

Depending on your range scenario and budget constraints, CMP Targets can assist you in setting up a single lane or multiple lanes.

For More Information:

If you would like to experience the KTS OpticScore Target system for yourself, plan to visit a CMP competition center in Anniston, Alabama or at historic Camp Perry in Port Clinton, Ohio.

Both centers feature 80 firing points and offer open public marksmanship nights and they host multiple local, regional and national sporter and precision airgun championships. The centers have served as step-off points for multiple international competitions. To learn more, contact

Chance Cover
419-635-2141, ext. 603
[email protected]