Competition Rules

Competition Rules

CMP Competition Rulebooks that will govern CMP sponsored and sanctioned competitions in 2020 have now been approved by the CMP Board’s Rules Committee. All four rulebooks are posted below so you can download your copies.  2020 CMP Competition Rulebooks are effective immediately. Significant changes in this year’s rulebooks include an expansion of the CMP Pistol Rules to establish a new Match Pistol discipline and provide rules to support the sanctioning of Bulls-eye Pistol 2700 Three-Gun Aggregates. The 2020 CMP Smallbore Rifle Rules establish new Smallbore Rifle Distinguished Badges. Check the rulebooks that govern the disciplines you shoot to see this year's changes. All changes are displayed in red, underlined text.

2020 Rules 

Rule Interpretations

To obtain a clarification or interpretation of any CMP rule, contact CMP Competitions, 419-635-2141, ext. 714/722 or [email protected], to request a CMP ruling or interpretation. For Smallbore Rule questions, please contact 419-635-2141, ext. 730 or [email protected]The CMP staff can interpret unclear rules, but may not modify rules. The Programs Committee of the CPRPFS Board of Directors and its Rules Sub-Committee has the sole authority to modify CMP Competition Rules.

Questions about the CMP Competitions Rulebooks or rule recommendations can be directed to the CMP Competitions Department at [email protected] or (419) 635-2141, ext. 714 or 722.