CMP Cup Aggregate Matches

CMP Cup Aggregate Matches

GENERAL INFORMATIONThe CMP Cup 1000 Matches started in 2018. Competitors may fire CMP Service Rifle or CMP Match Rifles, per current CMP Highpower Rifle Competition Rules. CMP Targets featuring KTS Technology will be used for the CMP Cup Matches.

COURSE OF FIRE: The CMP Cup Aggregate is a 2,000 point aggregate comprised of two 1000 point matches, with sighters at each stage. Competitors can start in position. It is not necessary to fire in both matches. 

RULES: CMP Highpower Rifle and Pistol Competition Rules (See Rule 4.1). Competitors will start in position for each stage.


RIFLES: Service rifles that comply with CMP Highpower Rifle Competition Rules Rules 4.1 must be used.  Match rifles must comply with Rule 4.1.5.

AMMUNITION: Any safe ammunition may be used in accordance with CMP Highpower Rifle and Pistol Competition Rules Rule 4.3.1.

SQUADDING: Competitors’ squadding will be drawn and issued when they check-in at the National Matches Welcome Center. 

AWARDS: Award Cups and speciality awards will be awarded to the Match Winner, High Senior, High Junior and High Woman. Classification awards will also be given. Awards in both Match Rifle and Service Rifle Categories will be awarded. 

ENTRY FEES: $50.00 for adults, $35.00 for juniors, per day.

Service Rifle, SSG David Bahten, USA, 1990-107x
Match Rifle, Terrence Paul, Cleveland, OH, 1967-74x