Glock Pistol Match

Glock Pistol Match

Glock GSSF Camp Perry
National Challenge

Saturday, 11 July (afternoon) & Sunday, 12 July 2020

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GSSF Membership

Competitors will have the opportunity to fire in this exciting match at Camp Perry. Competitors may choose to fire once, twice or three times in each class. The first set of scores will count for awards. Registration will open March 1, 2020.


Adults             $20.00 each, re-entry $15.00

Juniors           $15.00 each, re-entry $10.00

Competitors must have a Glock Membership to compete in the event. Competitors who do not have a GSSF Membership can go to and follow the directions or join at the match registration at check in.

COURSE OF FIRE: Competitor fire on NRA D1 paper targets at distances of 5, 7, 10, 15 and 25 yards, with firing times as follows:



SQUADDING: Competitors will report to the Range to receive squadding and relay assignment.

CATEGORIES: There will be two categories Stock Class and Unlimited Class:

Glock Pistol Stock Class.  Glock pistols are considered “Stock” if all firearm components are or ever were available from Glock Inc.  Additional permitted modifications to Stock Class Pistols are:

  • Hogue-grip type sleeves, A-grip panels, skateboard tape or other grip-enhancing materials that do not materially alter the function of the stock pistol.
  • Slide and barrel stripping and/or refinishing.
  • Pearce Grip Inc. grip extenders on G26, G27, G29, G30, G33, G36 and G42 magazines.
  • Post front sight and U or square-notch rear sights, provided no slide modifications are made to accommodate the sights. Fiber optic and express sights may be used.

Glock Pistol Unlimited Class.  Glock pistols with any of the following modifications must be fired in the “Unlimited” Class:

  • Any sights that do not use a post front sight and U or square-notch rear sight including, but not limited to, ghost ring, laser, electronic or optical sights.
  • Wrap-around grip sleeves on magazines.
  • After-market component parts and barrels.
  • Recoil spring guide or recoil reducer assemblies.
  • Modified or after-market firing pins.
  • Modified or after-market connectors.
  • Lights or other barrel weights.
  • Any modification that is determined by the Chief Range Officer to provide an unfair competitive advantage.

AWARDS: Plaques will be awarded for the following:

  • Overall Match High Shooter
  • High Stock Glock
  • High Unlimited Glock
  • High Guardian
  • High Senior
  • High Women
  • High Junior

Pistols Available for Match!

In order to encourage even more participation and to promote competitive shooting, GLOCK has offered to bring extra pistols to the National Matches to be used by those who may not have access to a pistol but are interested in competing in the match.

Though free to use, those who borrow pistols will still need to purchase their own 9 MM ammo to fire in the National Challenge match, which can be purchased at the CMP Store for $15 or on the range during the competition. Participants may sign up to fire in multiple relays, so be sure to buy the appropriate amount of ammo!

For additional information, contact CMP Competitions at [email protected] or call (419) 635-2141, ext. 714 or 706.