National Match Welcome Center

National Match Welcome Center

All competitors, visitors and spectators must first stop at the National Match Welcome Center (InProcessing Center, Bldg 3) to sign a CMP Liability Agreement before heading out to the range. Visitors and first-time visitors to Camp Perry can pick up a schedule of events and ask any questions they may have before heading out to the ranges.

CMP Competitor Check-In - the 2020 WELCOME CENTER SCHEDULE will be posted in june

When you arrive at Camp Perry, all competitors must first go to the National Matches Welcome Center (In-Processing) in Bldg. #3 (next to CMP Headquarters). Hours are adjusted to accommodate the times when most competitors arrive at Camp Perry. The check-in process for competitors and team officials includes: 1) complete or provide a Post Locator Form for emergency contacts, 2) sign or provide an Eligibility Affidavit and Liability Form or confirm that you have previously signed one of these forms (Juniors under 18 must provide a signed Parental Consent Form), 3) confirm your CMP Matches entry data, 4) receive your CMP competitor labels and scorecards, 5) receive your CMP squadding information and 6) receive your National Matches Program and Welcome Packet. Notaries will be on duty at the National Matches Welcome Center to notarize Eligibility Affidavits, but you can also download this form to sign and have it notarized in advance. 

Forms to be submitted at the Welcome Center:

CMP Memorabilia Store   

Located in the National Match Welcome Center, the CMP Memorabilia Store is open throughout the National Matches. Pick up your CMP National Match souvenirs, T-shirts and more. A wide variety of training publications are also available.