National CMP Games Events

National CMP Games Events


In 1998, the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) inaugurated the John C. Garand Match and, with it, an exciting new concept in target competition. The Garand Match is a unique competition where shooters fire older "as-issued" military rifles over a course of fire that makes target shooting attractive to the average shooter. The availability of surplus M1 and other older military rifle make target shooting accessible to thousands of shooters, many of whom do not participate in traditional target competitions. The Garand Match allows shooters to reenact military and marksmanship history and features camaraderie and a relaxed, fun-filled, yet challenging experience.

In response to the growing popularity of the Garand Match, the CMP established other competitions of the same type that now include the Springfield Rifle Match, Vintage Military Rifle Match, Rimfire Sporter Match, M1 Carbine Match, Vintage Sniper Rifle Team Match and Modern Military Rifle Match. Together, these matches have come to be known as "CMP Games Matches."

NATIONAL CMP GAMES MATCHES AWARDS: This ceremony will take place at Petrarca Range on Sunday, 2 August 2020 shortly after the CMP matches conclude (approximately 5:00PM). The CMP Games ceremony will include the presentation of awards for the Springfield, Vintage Military Rifle, John C. Garand and M1 Carbine Matches. There will be a Three Gun Aggregate award for the competitor firing a Garand, Springfield, and a Vintage Military Rifle and a Four Gun Aggregate award for the competitor firing a Garand, Springfield, Vintage Military Rifle and Modern Military Rifle. All competitors in any of the CMP Games Matches are encouraged to attend this short, but meaningful, awards ceremony. CMP awards plaques to the Overall Winner, High Senior, High Grand Senior and High Junior in each match. The GCA (Garand Collectors Association) plaques for the NTT, President’s Rifle Match and the NTI Rifle Match will also be presented. The Vintage Sniper Match awards will be held Monday, 3 August 2020 at Petrarca Range shortly after the Vintage Sniper Match concludes.

CMP ARMORER VAN & RIFLE INSPECTIONS: All firearms, to be used in any CMP Games or CMP Service Rifle event, are required to be inspected by a CMP sanctioned armorer prior to any live fire at every event.  Competitors will be required to present all applicable scorecards to the CMP Armorer in order to complete the inspection process. To expedite the inspection process, competitors are requested to apply their competitor label to each score card. Please include the last four digits of the serial number for the firearm to be used in the bottom right hand corner of the scorecard. Upon completion of the firearm inspection process, each scorecard will receive a stamp of approval from the CMP Armorer, indicating that no safety violations or rules compliance issues were observed at the time of inspection.  Each rifle will also receive an inspection tag, verifying participation in the inspection process. Any inspection tags from prior events are to be removed at the time of inspection.

Upon conclusion of firing, any scorecard received by CMP staff which does not bear the CMP Armorer’s stamp, will be entered as “Out-of-Competition. To accommodate unforeseeable circumstances, competitors will receive a 30 minute window after completion of firing in which a fired rifle may still be inspected. 

This enhanced inspection process will aid in ensuring match compliance, as well as promote the safest experience that CMP can provide for all participants on our firing line. Please be advised that CMP Armorers are operating in an advisory role and cannot absolutely certify the safety or compliance of all firearms in the time provided. It is still the responsibility of each competitor to ensure compliance with all CMP mandated safety regulations and match rules. The Armorer’s stamp will not serve as an alibi in the event that a violation is found before, during, or after participation in a match. 

M1 CARBINE MATCH – thursday, 30 JULY 2020

The M1 Carbine is a lightweight semi-automatic carbine that became a standard firearm for the U.S. military during World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War, and was produced in several variants. It was widely used by U.S. and foreign military and paramilitary forces, and has also been a popular civilian firearm. The M1 Carbine Match was added to the CMP Games Events in 2006. An M1 Carbine Match was fired during the National Matches in the early 1950s, but it was not fired between then and 2006.


The CMP Roosevelt Commemorative Match, is open only to the Springfield and its predecessor, the Krag-Jorgensen rifle – chambered in U.S. caliber .30-40 Krag. All versions and variants were manufactured under license by the Springfield Armory between 1892 and 1903 and served as the long arm during the Spanish-American War.


The Modern Military Rifle Match is for competitors who fire semi-automatic military type rifles of U.S. or foreign manufacture that comply with CMP Games rules. This match is intended for standard production or as-issued rifles with no special accurizing or match conditioning.


The National John C. Garand Match is a CMP Games event where competitors must use “as-issued” U. S. M1 Garands in the regular John C. Garand Match or they may use National Match or certain modified M1 Garands in a new Unlimited Garand Category. The Garand Match Course of Fire is designed so that both new and experienced shooters can complete it. As a result, the Garand Match attracts large numbers of recreation-oriented shooters who come to this match because its combination of camaraderie, history and competitive challenge makes firing in this match an especially enjoyable experience. The John C. Garand Match is a very colorful match, with many competitors appearing in World War II and World War I period military uniforms. The priorities for Garand Match day are clearly on fun, fellowship, enjoyment and respect for tradition. Both Rodriguez and Viale Ranges will be utilized for Garand Match firing.


The National Springfield Rifle Match is a CMP Games event where all competitors must fire “as-issued” M1903 or M1903A3 rifles that comply with CMP rules for as-issued military rifles. As a CMP Games event, the Springfield Match stresses participation, camaraderie and history and offers an ambience that makes Springfield Match Day a truly enjoyable experience for competitors. Competitors can fire in both the Springfield and Vintage Military Rifle Matches.

The National Vintage Military Rifle Match is a CMP Games event where competitors must fire “as-issued” U. S. Krag or M1917 rifles or manually operated foreign military rifles. The Vintage Military Rifle Match encourages recreation-oriented target shooters to use these fascinating military rifles in target shooting events that strive to preserve military marksmanship traditions. Competitors can fire in both the Springfield and Vintage Military Rifle Matches.

Vintage Sniper Rifle Match  monday, 3 august 2020

The Vintage Sniper Team Match is designed to reproduce the conditions under which skilled long range military snipers operated. Two riflemen work together as a team. During the match, each team member functions alternately as a shooter or a spotter. After one team member finishes firing, they switch roles and the other team member fires. Firing is done at distances of 300 and 600 yards from the prone position. Shooters may use either a sling or sand bag support, but not both. Wind doping is critical and firing must be done quickly; targets are exposed for each shot for only 20 seconds and then withdrawn for 20 seconds.

M1 Maintenance Class
Saturday, 1 august 2020, 4:30PM-6:30PM

The M1 Maintenance Clinic will be held at the Gary Anderson CMP Competition (Air Gun Range). CMP Armorers will present this two-hour clinic on disassembly, assembly and maintenance of M1 Garand. Special attention will be given to accurizing steps that can be taken with this rifle and still keep it legal for firing in CMP-sanctioned As-Issued Military Rifle Matches.

For more information on the National CMP Games Events, contact the CMP Competitions Department at [email protected] or (419) 635-2141, ext. 706 or 714.

While CMP policy prohibits endorsement of any company product or service, we would like to recognize the following companies that will award their own separate products to the top shooters of the 2020 National Matches.


If you would like to become an award match sponsor, please contact Christina Roguski at (419) 635-2141, ext. 714 or email [email protected].

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