National Rimfire Sporter Match

National Rimfire Sporter Match










17 july 2020- PM CHeck-in

18 July 2020 - check-in and cmp/AMU rimfire sporter small arms firing school

19 july 2020- cmp rimfire sporter match

The CMP National Rimfire Sporter Rifle Match offers shooters a recreation-oriented competition where they use smallbore sporter rifles (plinking and small game rifles) commonly owned by almost all gun enthusiasts. This is a unique match where all you need is a rifle and ammo. You fire with standard sporter-type rimfire rifles that can weigh no more than 7 ½ pounds, with sights and sling.

Rifles may be manually operated or semi-automatic; shooters with manually operated actions are given extra time in rapid-fire to compensate for the difference. There will be the standard "O Class" for open-sighted rifles, "T-Class" for telescope sighted rifles, and tactical class. Firing is done at 50 and 25 yards on a target with a 1.78" ten-ring and an 18" outer one-ring. The target is simple enough for a beginner to hit, yet challenging enough that only one competitor in the history of the match has ever fired a perfect 600x600 score.

Samuel Payne is the only competitor to ever fire a perfect score of 600 in the Rimfire Sporter Match

Samuel Payne is the only competitor to ever fire a perfect score of 600 in the Rimfire Sporter Match

The Rimfire Sporter course of fire is challenging, new shooters can successfully complete it while experienced shooters find it uniquely challenging. Shooters begin at 50 yards with a sighting or practice series and then shoot ten shots for record slow-fire in the prone position, followed by two five-shot rapid-fire series. This is followed by ten shots slow fire and two five-shot rapid-fire series in the sitting or kneeling position. Targets are then placed at the 25-yard line where shooters conclude with ten shots slow fire and two five-shot rapid-fire series in the standing position.

The CMP will offer a Free Rimfire Sporter Clinic on Friday, 17 July 2020, from 4:00-6:00PM (no equipment is needed for the clinic). Clinic instruction covers Rimfire Sporter rules, safety instructions and competition procedures. The clinic also offers instruction and demonstrations on how to shoot the Rimfire Sporter course of fire. Clinic instruction will cover the firing positions, use of the sling as well as slow and rapid-fire techniques. Shooters who have not previously attended a CMP Rimfire Sporter Match are strongly encouraged to attend the clinic.

Ammunition will not be issued for the National Rimfire Sporter Match. Competitors must supply their own good quality, safe ammunition for this match. Competitors will need a total of 60 rounds to fire the Rimfire Sporter Match plus any sighters or range alibis.

If you have questions regarding the Rimfire Sporter Match, please contact Vera Snyder at [email protected] or call (419) 635-2141, ext. 782.

While CMP policy prohibits endorsement of any company product or service, we would like to recognize the following companies that will award their own separate products to the top shooters of the 2020 National Rimfire Sporter Match.

If you would like to become an award match sponsor, please contact Christina Roguski at (419) 635-2141, ext. 714 or email [email protected].

Once confirmation is received, sponsor logos will be listed.