Talladega 600

Talladega, Alabama
17-22 november 2020

The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) is thrilled to announce the completion of plans on the next big southern event – the Talladega 600.  The event schedule has been designed to appeal to rifle, pistol and shotgun enthusiasts alike in order to provide an even wider variety of marksmanship opportunities to competitors from around the country.

Events to be fired at the Talladega 600 include popular CMP Games Matches, such as the Garand, Springfield and Vintage Military Matches, as well as the Vintage Sniper, Carbine and Rimfire Matches. Additionally, versions of prestigious National Trophy Matches, like the Congressional 30 (with the same Course of Fire as the President’s 100 Match) and the Dixie Double Highpower Match (mirrored off of the Hearst Doubles Match), will also be held to challenge talented individuals of all ages.


Informational clinics, including the GSM Master Instructor Course and a Small Arms Firing School (which features an M16 EIC Match) will be conducted in the opening days of the Talladega 600 – offering an educational experience for new and advanced marksmen.

Favored pistol events, such as the .22 Rimfire EIC, As-Issued 1911 and Military & Police Matches, will also be fired in Talladega.

The new CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park is one of the most advanced outdoor facilities in the world – unlike any other. Boasting the latest technological advances in the realm of marksmanship, it is a must-see destination for firearm supporters across the country. The park is open to the public, year round, offering many opportunities to marksmen of all ages.


Each firing point of the 500-acre facility is equipped with a state-of-the-art, KTS electronic target and scoring monitor. Located beside the shooter on the firing line, each monitor allows the competitor to see what he or she fired in a matter of seconds.

For those not competing but wanting to stay in the action, monitors within the 13,000 square feet of the Garand Clubhouse will display scores from the matches held outside, as they are being fired – creating a more spectator-friendly atmosphere for all visitors. Scores will also be viewable online through the CMP’s Competition Tracker.


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