Range FAQ

Q: What is the caliber limitation?

You can not shoot 50 BMG caliber or tracer ammo on any range.

You can not shoot muzzle loading or black powder cartridge rifles or pistols larger than 50 caliber on the electronic targets.

Range 4 Caliber Restrictions

Shotguns –

#7½ or smaller birdshot may be fired at steel targets on center firing points

Buckshot or slugs may be fired at paper targets only

Steel targets –

May be shot with handguns or handgun caliber rifles in .45 acp or smaller caliber

Centerfire rifles and handguns in calibers more powerful than .45 acp may be fired on paper targets only


Q: What is the difference between sporting clays and trap/5 stand?

In trap all clays are thrown away from you. Trap is shot from an uncovered station. 1 round is 25 clays.

In 5 stand you move through 5 different stations from a covered shed, where clays are thrown from different directions, and in different combinations. 1 round is 25 clays.

In sporting clays you move around to 15 different stations, where a variety of clays are thrown from different directions and in different combinations. Our 15 stations are on a 1 mile golf cart path.


Q: Do you have to be a member/Do you have a membership?

The Talladega Marksmanship Park is completely open to the public, there are no memberships or annual dues to pay. The only fees you pay are for the range you’d like to shoot on for the day.

There are also no “annual passes” to buy, each day you come shoot you pay the range fee.


Q: Can I rent a golf cart for the rifle range? Can I rent a golf cart for touring?

You drive your car to all ranges and shotgun fields. The golf carts are only rented for sporting clays and are picked up at the sporting clays loops.

The only range you cannot drive your car right up to is the 600 yard range, and we have an equipment shuttle golf cart that you can take down to the range. After you drop off your equipment on the range you bring the golf cart back up to the club house for the next person to use.


Q: Can I come out and just look around?

Yes! During our open hours everyone is welcome to look around the park.


Q: How much is the mandatory safety course?

The mandatory safety course is free, and is required before you shoot at the park. It’s given in the clubhouse about every hour by a staff member. You receive a card after you’d received the briefing, and it is good for 1 year.


Q: When is your next event?

Please check out the calendar of events  on our website for the most up to date information on our match schedule


Q: Do you rent firearms?

We do not currently rent any firearms. You will have to provide your own.


Q: I want to host a match/have a meeting in your classroom.

We do rent our two classrooms out in the clubhouse for events or meetings. Contact Deven Beam at [email protected] or 256-474-4408  ext 414 for more information.

If you’re interested in hosting a match at our facility first fill out the match application form and submit it to Deven Beam. This information will help us schedule your event on our calendar.


Q: Who built this range? Was there government funding?

The Civilian Marksmanship Program built, owns and operates the Talladega Marksmanship Park. There was no government funding. The park is sponsored by… [sponsor list coming soon]