Dates Announced for CMP’s 2020 Advanced Maintenance Rifle Class Schedule

By Ashley Brugnone, CMP Writer

The Civilian Marksmanship Program’s (CMP) Advanced Maintenance Clinics will return in 2020 for those firearm enthusiasts interested in assembling his or her own vintage rifle with the help of hands-on, knowledgeable instructors.

The Advanced Maintenance Class (AMC) is a three-day course led by the qualified CMP Custom Shop staff members at the office in Anniston, Ala. Designed for those who wish to take their passion for the timeless M1 Garand to the next level, the AMC offers students a unique opportunity to receive unparalleled training from our Custom Shop staff. Topics such as head space, barrel installation, component purpose/function, general rifle assembly, rifle/component maintenance and various accuracy techniques will be covered.

Students in the class construct their own rifles, with the help of CMP Custom Shop Staff.

A classroom session, including instructional videos and a detailed visual presentation, will be accompanied by enlightening discussion and lecture from the Custom Shop Staff. In conjunction with the classroom sessions, students will also receive active instruction and individualized assistance. Participants will be exposed to all information required to safely assemble and successfully fire his or her own complete rifle, under the direct supervision of our expert gunsmiths.  

Additionally, students will receive an exclusive visit to the CMP Store on the second day and Talladega Marksmanship Park on the third day, for a chance to view the grounds and fire their personally crafted rifles from class.

Along with construction, students in the class learn about rifle maintenance and techniques.

Each student signed up for the class will have an option of purchasing and constructing either a Field Grade Special or a CMP Special rifles. Class fees vary, based on rifle purchase.

Four “Buddy Class” dates are also reserved for applicants wishing to attend with a designated partner of their choosing. Classes are limited to only 20 students, and all sessions are often promptly wait-listed, so don’t hesitate to sign up!

Registration is currently open and will continue until February 2020, with a lottery held Feb. 1 to choose participants. Individuals may register through the CMP’s Competition Tracker page at Independent registrations will be accepted indefinitely as long as space allows.

The 2020 dates are:

  • Feb 25 - Feb 27
  • Feb 28 - Mar 1 (Buddy Class)
  • Mar 31 - Apr 2
  • Apr 3 - Apr 5
  • Apr 17 - Apr19
  • Apr 20 - Apr 22 (Buddy Class)
  • May 12 - May 14
  • May 15 - May 17
  • Jun 9 - Jun 11
  • Jun 12 - Jun 14 (Buddy Class)
  • Aug 18 - Aug 20
  • Aug 21 - Aug 23
  • Oct 13 - Oct 15 (GCA Event)
  • Oct 16 - Oct 18 (Apple Seed Event)
  • Dec 8 - Dec 10
  • Dec 11 - Dec 13 (Buddy Class)

Registration Lottery:

Due to popularity, a Registration Lottery will be used to randomly select participants for the classes. Registration for the lottery is currently open on the CMP website ( and will remain open until February 1, 2020. Registering for multiple classes is permitted, but no applicant will be selected for more than one slot. FORMER AMC PARTICIPANTS MAY REGISTER FOR 2020.

On the third day of class, students get the chance to fire their newly constructed rifles.

Registrants will become part of an electronic lottery used to randomly assign the 20 available seats for each class date. An additional 20 participants will be assigned to a stand-by list for each date. These stand by lists have been established due to a historically high cancellation rate and will be utilized to fill classes as cancellations occur. 

A confirmation email will be sent to each accepted participant, which will include a hidden link to the CMP eStore that will be used to complete the registration process. The class must be purchased on the eStore through the sent link by March 13, 2020. Failure to meet this deadline will result in forfeiture of your slot to the next applicant on a wait list.

NO EMAIL will be sent to students who are not selected for either a class or waitlist.  

Chris Hord, Custom Shop Supervisor, leads the AMC classroom session.

The Fine Print:

Total cost for the 2020 AMC will be $1,868.50 or $2,068.50, depending upon rifle selection (Field Grade or CMP Special). The $1018.50 course tuition fee will be billed immediately after purchasing the course from the eStore (with $150 of your class tuition fee considered as a nonrefundable “registration fee”). Late cancellations, made within 30 days of the class start date, will be subject to forfeiture of an additional $300. Deadline for class payment will be March 13, 2020.

Students will build and purchase either a CMP Special Rifle or a CMP Field Grade Special during the three-day course. The receiver will be of USGI manufacture and may vary dependent upon availability. The cost of the rifle is $850 for a Field Grade Special, or $1,050 for a CMP Special. Sales tax will be applicable to all rifle purchases. This portion of the fee will be billed on Day 2 of class. Only participants presenting proof of flight arrangements will be permitted to ship rifles. All driving participants must take all purchases with them.


For any questions regarding the 2020 AMC or online registration questions, please contact Brent Morrow in the Custom Shop at (256) 835-8455 ext 513 or [email protected].

More info on the Advanced Maintenance Class page can be found on the CMP website at

13 Responses

  1. John W. (Jack) Karch
    Whaat a wonderful event! Thank you CMP for making this event available. It is not for me this time; however, I look forward to the opportunity to participate in the future (God willing and the creek don't rise!). Be well all. Old Man jack ================================================================================
  2. I shot my first M1 garand in 1958, and fell in love with it at that point. I purchased my first M1 garand and M1 carbine when I got back from Vietnam for the outrageous price of $18.00. When I went to Vietnam in 1962, that is what I was issued. Since that time, I have collected a little over 15 M1 garand’s. The reason that I am telling you this as I thought that I knew a lot about the M1’s, then I took this course and was amazed at how much I didn’t know, what an education on the M1 I got. I want to thank all of the staff of the AMC for a great and educational three days. I hope in the future they have a NM M1 garand course Thanks again
  3. I would like to attend this event. My question is do I have to purchase an M1 if I already own one? For this event
    • Yes, the Advanced Maintenance Rifle Class in Anniston is a course where you build your own M1 Garand. If you are just interested in learning about the Maintenance of the M1 Garand, we do offer classes at our Travel Games events. You can contact the Custom Shop for additional information at [email protected] or call (256) 835-8455, ext. 513
  4. CMP is a wonderful operation. I trained with the M1 in 1965 at Naval Air Station Glenview. Today I enjoy being the armorer for Post 10301 Honor Guard (rifles on loan from the Army through CMP) and have completely torn down and replaced parts to keep those great rifles running, in a blank firing operation. In fact, as a retired machinist, I designed a new style blank adapter that looks like the original barrel end (Hollywood style), which keeps hot gas blow back from contaminating and rusting the barrel threads. My only question is about my wanting to own a second M1 (I bought a field grade several years ago). I want to buy a barrel receiver to build a rifle for my Baptist Pastor who loves this rifle (ten year Navy Vet), but I guess you don't do that anymore or it's just not called for enough to make it available. Any help in acquiring a barrel receiver would be greatly appreciated, I've acquired most of the rest. Thanks in advance, Tim Yorgan.
  5. Will all necessary tools to build the rifle be provided? Will we be required to bring anything other than a smile and $2,000?
    • Students will only need to bring themselves, safety glasses and a shop apron.
  6. I would like to attend this event. My question is will the custom staff help build it. I have not even shot this rifle well over 45 years ago. It was my brother's rifle.
    • Yes, our Custom Shop staff will be teaching the class and also be present to assist students with building their rifles.
  7. How much does the buddy class cost? Do I assume that the buddy class will work together to build one rifle
    • Each student attending the "Buddy" classes will have to pay full fees separately (entry and rifle). So each person will pay the full fee and build separate rifles.
  8. WRA or SA receiver?? What does initials mean

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