Coaching Resources

Coaching Resources

This page offers links to many different resources that were selected because they may be informative or helpful to shooting sports coaches, instructors and participants. To use this resource list, select a resource category and then review the link titles and descriptions under that category heading. Most link titles will open PDF files that you can either read or download. If you have recommendations for additional resources that would be of interest to coaches, instructors or competitors, please forward those recommendations to [email protected].

General Coaching and Instructional Information

  • On the Mark. The CMP magazine for coaches and junior shooters; each issue includes 16 pages of new junior shooting program information as well as news about junior events, instructional tips and coaching information. Bonus inserts and brochures are regularly included which detail programs for junior competition and training programs or provide equipment and training material purchase opportunities.
  • On the Mark Instructional Articles - Gary Anderson, Director of Civilian Marksmanship-Emeritus, is a regular contributor to On The Mark. He served as DCM for 10 years and remains an effective advocate for firearms safety training and rifle practice. Gary’s primary role at CMP has been to develop and sustain successful youth shooting programs at both regional and national levels.
  • CMP Training Materials and Publications. CMP offers several training materials and publications that are available. Some materials are sales items; some are free of charge.
  • Coaching Contact Links. Links to resource persons and other organizations that support coach and instructor training, including the USOC, USA Shooting and the NRA.
  • How to Structure an Effective Shooting Session. Written by Dan Durben. The keys to an effective shooting session are proper preparation and analysis. Building these good habits early in their development will help shooters accelerate improvement in their performance.
  • A Primer on Scoring Gauges. Written by Gary Anderson, DCM. A description of the scoring gauges used for scoring air gun, smallbore, pistol and highpower rifle targets with instructions on which scoring gauge must be used for each type of competition shooting.
  • BB Gun Poster Series. A series of eight special training posters that can be downloaded and printed in 8 1/2 x 11 (for student handouts) or in 11 x 17 formats (for posting in a classroom or range). These posters can be used to instruct beginning BB gun shooters. Poster titles are Safe BB Gun Shooting, Firing the Shot, the Supported Position, Standing Position, Proper Sling Use, the Prone Position, the Kneeling Position and the Sitting Position.
  • JMIC Master Instructor Files. This web page is intended for JMIC Master Instructors. A password is required to enter and download files. Please contact Sylvia Schoewe at [email protected] for additional instructions. Information on upcoming JMIC Master Instructor Training Courses is posted at
  • What Competitive Shooters Learn. Written by Michèle K. Makucevich, Rhode Island CMP State Director. Unlike many sports which are more dependent on physical stature or beauty, shooting is something anyone who is committed to improvement can excel at. Shooting athletes learn to continue trying even when faced with difficult challenges.
  • Pistol Shooting Tips from 20 Sharp Shooters. Published By Darren Ian

Safety/Safety Instruction

Service Rifle and As-Issued Military Rifle Competition Shooting

  • Shooting Tips from the USAMU Service Rifle Team. This page offers links to a lengthy series of articles written by members of the U. S. Army Service Rifle Team about the positions, techniques and training of service rifle shooters.
  • Target Pulling and Scoring Instructions for As-Issued Military Rifle Matches. A reprintable card to be used to teach or guide new Garand, Springfield and Vintage Military Rifle Match shooters on how to correctly record scorecards and pull and mark targets. Includes proper procedures for scoring targets with insufficient or excessive hits.
  • Firing Military Bolt Action Rifles in the CMP Games Matches By Stephen Merritt. Merritt, a Distinguished Rifleman, CMP Master Instructor and military small arms expert, discusses the M1903 Springfield, M1917 Enfield and several foreign military bolt action rifles to provide detailed instructions on how to zero these rifles and prepare them for use in As-Issued Military Rifles Matches.
  • Carbine Shooting with Accuracy, Including How To Deal With Some Specific Problems - Submitted by an Anonymous Author. With an M1 Carbine Match now part of the National Matches and the CMP now selling a large quantity of government surplus Carbines, finding ways to obtain improved accuracy from Carbines has become a popular quest among Carbine owners. This article is comprehensive and detailed; it presents lots of tested tips on how to get better target results from Carbines. Carbine owners who intend to use their Carbines in Carbine Matches are cautioned that Carbines that are to be used in CMP-sanctioned competitions must be kept in "as-issued" condition with standard parts having standard dimensions.
  • M1 Garand Nomenclature, Accessories & Maintenance. Detailed information about M1 Garand nomenclature, disassembly and reassembly for As-Issued Military Rifle Clinic instructors and students.
  • How to make Targets for Dry Firing Practice
  • Being Of Service Rifle - Discussions on shooting competitive service rifle. Intended for Service Rifle competitors of all skill levels (aspiring competitors through Distinguished High Masters), this website hopes to provide insight into the game of competitive National Match Service Rifle Competition.

Smallbore and Position Air Rifle Shooting

  • Target Holders with Pellet Stops
  • 3-Position Offhand Stand
  • Building the Positions: Kneeling
  • Building the Positions: Standing
  • Building the Positions: Prone
  • Daisy M853 Repair. A Power Point presentation prepared by Daisy Manufacturing that provides detailed, complete instructions for the take-down, maintenance, repair and reassembly of Daisy M853/853C/753/853CM pneumatic air rifles. Includes 116 slides with excellent photos to illustrate all steps in the disassembly and assembly of these air rifles.
  • Teaching Rifle Positions to New Shooters. A 10-page guide with step-by-step instructional methods for teaching the prone, standing and kneeling positions to new shooters. Contains dozens of photos and illustrations.
  • Training Target Height Tables. A series of tables that to be used in setting up dry fire or limited range training so that the training targets are placed at the same relative height as full-range competition targets.
  • Fill Procedures for Air Rifle CO2 Cylinders. A 6-minute video that describes and demonstrates detailed procedures and safety considerations for properly filling CO2 cylinders that are used to power Daisy M887 and M888 air rifles that are used in three-position air rifle shooting.
  • CO2 Air Rifle Cylinder Filling Procedures. Downloadable 8 ½ x 11 or 11x 17 posters listing correct procedures for refilling CO2 cylinders for Daisy M887 and M888 air rifles.
  • A Guide to Compressed Air Usage. With so many shooting programs now using rifles and pistols powered by compressed air, it is important for coaches and instructors to know how to safely use the air cylinders and scuba tanks that are required for these air guns. This is an excellent, well-illustrated article, written by master target gunsmith Scott Pilkington, that gives detailed information about compressed air equipment. The article is posted on the Pilkington Competitions Equipment web site.
  • Air Rifle Target Stand Plans. Detailed drawings and instructions, with photos, for constructing air rifle target stands. These stands are for use on gun ranges for three-position or standing air rifle shooting.
  • Instructions for Making a Kneeling Roll. This is a homemade pattern of a kneeling roll by Nancy Jochum, Nebraska CMP State Director.
  • A Plea for Improved Scoring written by Gary Anderson, DCM. An analysis of common errors in air rifle and smallbore scoring and how to correct them.
  • Modifying the Daisy 853 Style Trigger -
  • Daisy Sporter Trigger Modification
  • Funding Your Education with ROTC - Starting with the National Defense Act of 1916, the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) continues to offer quality leadership training – in addition to helping finance college educations – in return for serving a commitment of time in a branch of the United States Armed Forces. ROTC can pave the way for students to earn a college degree who otherwise would be unable to afford one.
  • MidwayUSA Partner Community Page - This partner community page contains National and State organizations that support youth shooting sports in the United States. The organizations provide a vast number of resources such as shooter achievement recognition programs, athlete training opportunities, assistance in endowment growth, coach training, etc.

The History of Target Shooting

Power Point Presentations

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