GSM Master Instructor

GSM Master Instructor




February 1, 2020   CMP North   Camp Perry, OH

March 13, 2020   Western Games   Phoenix, AZ

April 25, 2020   Eastern Games   Camp Butner, NC

July 24, 2020   National Matches  Camp Perry, OH

September 24, 2020   New England Games   Jericho, VT

October 15, 2020    Oklahoma Games    Oklahoma City, OK

November 17, 2020  Talladega 600   Talladega, AL

Experienced rifle marksmanship instructors and shooters who would like to receive advanced training and be certified as “Master Instructors” to teach CMP-sanctioned Garand, Springfield and Vintage Military Rifle or Rimfire Sporter Clinics are invited to apply to attend a CMP Master Instructor Training Workshop. Workshops are periodically held at CMP North (Camp Perry, OH) and CMP South (Anniston, AL) and in conjunction with the Eastern CMP Games and Creedmoor Cup Matches at Camp Butner, NC. CMP-sanctioned John C Garand and other rifle clinics teach basic and intermediate rifle marksmanship skills to new and beginning shooters so they can participate in general shooting sports activities and John C. Garand, Springfield and Vintage Military Rifle and Rimfire Sporter Matches on a safer and more rewarding basis. If you are interested in becoming a Master Instructor who is certified to teach these clinics or in advancing your skills and qualifications as an instructor, you are invited to apply to attend this two-day Master Instructor Training Workshop.


The CMP Master Instructor certification program trains and certifies advanced shooters and instructors as Master Instructors who are qualified to teach specific marksmanship instructional topics using training material and curricula developed and provided by the CMP. The CMP currently recognizes four Master Instructor certifications:

  • JMIC (JROTC Marksmanship Instructor Course) Master Instructors who teach rifle marksmanship instruction to JROTC instructors (361 currently certified).
  • CMP Military Rifle Instructors who are trained to instruct and coach in U. S. Army SDM (Squad Designated Marksman) instructor courses (91 currently certified). **This program is no longer being offered**
  • Camp Riflery Master Instructors who are qualified to conduct CMP Instructor Training Courses for instructors and counselors who will teach riflery at summer youth camps (21 currently certified).
  • Garand-Springfield-Military Rifle Master Instructors who are trained to teach and organize G-S-M Rifle or Rimfire Sporter Clinics (458 currently certified).


Rifle marksmanship clinics are offered by CMP-affiliated organizations so individuals in their areas can fulfill the CMP marksmanship participation requirement to be eligible to purchase CMP rifles, to prepare clinic participants for target shooting events like Garand, Springfield Vintage Military Rifle and Rimfire Sporter Matches or to introduce new shooters to highpower service rifle competition. Many of these clinics, in fact, are called “Garand Clinics.” These local or club clinics provide firearm safety training and an introduction to target and range firing. The CMP sanctions these clinics when sponsoring clubs submit an application and a $20.00 sanctioning fee. The CMP provides instructional materials, low-cost ammunition for the clinics and posts current lists of sanctioned clinics on the “Upcoming Events” list on the CMP web site at Each year, the CMP sanctions well over 100 clinics that instruct thousands of new shooters. CMP clinic sponsors can purchase ammunition for use in their clinics at the special price. Please call Kim Filipiak at (419) 635-2141, ext. 706 or email [email protected] for pricing. The CMP also provides certificates of clinic completion to recognize clinic participants and verify marksmanship participation for government surplus rifle purchasers.


The CMP now offers a clinic program specifically designed to teach beginning and intermediate rifle marksmanship knowledge and skills to shooters who plan to participate in Garand, Springfield and Vintage Military Rifle or Rimfire Sporter Matches. This clinic program offers slides, lesson plans and instructor notes for CMP Master Instructors to use in presenting a four to five hour course of instruction with demonstrations and guided practice. For all sanctioned clinics that are taught by certified Master Instructors, the CMP also provides CMP Rifle Clinic Student Guides that can be used as a student text. The purpose of the Master Instructor Training Workshop is to train and certify Master Instructors who are prepared to teach these instructional topics in sanctioned clinics:

  • CMP History and Current Programs
  • Safety and Range Procedures
  • Rifle and Equipment
  • Garand Match Course of Fire (or Rimfire Sporter)
  • Technique of Firing Accurate Shots
  • How to Teach the Prone, Sitting and Standing Positions
  • Principles of Sight Adjustment
  • Rapid Fire Firing Techniques
  • Shooting a Match, Pulling Targets


Attendance at a Master Instructor Training Workshop is usually limited to 30 students per class. This is to ensure that all attendees have sufficient practical opportunities to work with workshop leaders and to practice what is taught. GSM Master Instructor students should possess the following general qualifications:

  • Association with a shooting club or shooting range where the Master Instructor will have opportunities to teach Sanctioned Rifle Clinics.
  • Experience teaching rifle marksmanship as a coach or instructor.
  • Experience competing in John C. Garand, Springfield or Rimfire Sporter matches at national and club levels.
  • Experience as a competitive service rifle shooter (desired, not required).
  • Desire to teach marksmanship to new shooters and to help them get a good start.

If you are interested in becoming a CMP GSM Master Instructor and meeting the challenge of helping new shooters get a good start, you are encouraged to apply to become part of a fast-growing group of Master Instructors who are being trained at these workshops. CMP-affiliated shooting clubs are encouraged to designate and send a club instructor(s) who can be trained to teach clinics at their club. Clubs may wish to consider providing financial assistance to one of their instructors to attend this course. To apply, complete the  2020 APPLICATION FORM for this program and submit it to the CMP. 


Dress for all phases of the workshop is informal. Workshop participants will be expected to do some position and dry fire work with M1 Garand or Springfield rifles so you may want to bring your own shooting jacket and glove, etc. Participants attending the Camp Perry, Ohio or the Anniston, Alabama workshops do not need to bring their rifles. Rifles will be provided there by the CMP. Students in the Camp Perry and Anniston workshops will also have opportunities to fire the new AR-type air rifles in the CMP’s new National Match Air Rifle events. Students at Phoenix, Camp Butner and any other workshops will usually be required to bring their own rifles; check with CMP staff coordinator for rifle requirements. Instructors who have experience in teaching Garand or other rifle clinics may wish to bring examples of their own teaching materials or training aids.


To register for the CMP GSM Master Instructor Training Workshop, complete the  2020 APPLICATION FORM. Please submit the completed form on-line or fax it to 419-635-2573. You may also mail it to: CMP, Attn: Kim Filipiak; P. O. Box 576; Port Clinton, Ohio 43452. There is a $135.00 registration fee that you may send to the CMP or pay at the time you check in for the workshop. There must be a minimum of 10 students in a class or it will be cancelled. Included in the registration price of $135.00 you will receive notebook, thumb drive, a sling, 10 clips,  20 dummy rounds and a CMP Rifle Scorebook (NLU 751). If you are repeating the course, you will pay the $135.00 registration fee.   


Detailed schedules and specific locations will be provided after registrations are confirmed.


Camp Butner, North Carolina

There is a $135.00 Master Instructor Workshop fee for the May course to help pay the costs of course materials and the meals that are provided. The CMP will provide a lunch on Friday for the Camp Butner, North Carolina course. Individuals who attend the Master Instructor course must arrange your own housing. Competitors who plan to stay overnight near Camp Butner should stay in the Butner or Raleigh, North Carolina areas. There are numerous motels in this area, some of which give discounts to North State Shooting Club Match participants. Please mention that you are attending the CMP/Creedmoor Cup Matches. Motels are available at Exit 191 on I-85.

Comfort Inn (919) 528-9296
Ramada Limited (919) 575-6565
Best Western Inn (919) 575-5942
Camp Butner barracks/campsites - Very limited space will be available in the barracks/campsites at Camp Butner.

You will also find directions to the range on the North State Shooting Club web site at Follow these directions to enter Camp Butner and drive to Range 4.

  • From Interstate 85 South or North, take Exit 191 Butner-Creedmoor Hwy 56 West.
  • Proceed approx 1/2 mile then turn right on 33rd Street.
  • Proceed 2.1 miles turn left at the intersection onto Old Rt. #75 Road.
  • Proceed approx 1/2 mile turn right onto Range Road. Proceed 2.2 miles turn right into Range #4.

Camp Perry, Ohio

Individuals who attend the Master Instructor course at Camp Perry can have on-base housing or arrange their own housing. Housing on base is $45.00 per night plus the $135.00 workshop fee to help cover the cost of course materials and meals that are provided. The CMP will provide breakfast and lunch both days for the Camp Perry, Ohio course. You can click on directions and accommodations for additional information.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Individuals who attend a Master Instructor course must arrange your own housing.  There is a $135.00 Master Instructor Workshop fee for the course to help pay the costs of course materials and the meals that are provided.  The CMP will provide a lunch on Wednesday. There is a New Shooter clinic on Thursday afternoon from 2:00 – 5:00 PM.  If you are available to assist we would appreciate your help during that time. You can click on

Anniston, Alabama

Individuals who attend the Master Instructor course at Anniston, Alabama must arrange your own housing. There is a $135.00 Master Instructor Workshop fee for the course to help pay the costs of course materials and the meals that are provided. The CMP will provide a lunch both days. You can click on this for directions and accommodations.


If you want more information about CMP GSM Master Instructor training workshops, the CMP G-S-M Rifle Clinics or the CMP Master Instructor Program, please contact Kim Filipiak [email protected] or by phone 419-635-2141 ext 706.