The CMP Range Officer Training Course is a program developed by the Civilian Marksmanship Program to provide training and structured on-the-range work experiences to prepare interested persons to serve as qualified Range Officers in CMP sponsored and sanctioned competitions. This course offers three levels of instruction and certification in four different shooting disciplines. The instructional program follows these steps:

Enrollment. Anyone who wants to participate in the training program and become a CMP-Certified Range Officer may enroll by filling out a LEVEL I APPLICATION FORM or contacting the CMP Competitions Department at (419) 635-2141, ext. 706 or email [email protected]. There is an enrollment fee of $75.00 for level I that covers the cost of student handbooks, a Range Officer vest (to be issued after completion of Level I instruction), and a $40 fee for the Level II course of instruction.

Level I. Level I instruction presents information common to all shooting disciplines and teaches the basic knowledge one needs to serve as a new Range Officer. Enrollees must complete Level I online instruction that consists of a series of instructional phases. Each phase concludes with a short online quiz that must be successfully completed before progressing to the next phase. When all phases are completed, a certificate and CMP Range Officers Vest will be issued and the student will be eligible to participate in Level II instruction. The Range Officer logbook will be an online logbook that is maintained in CMP's competition tracker.

Level II. Level II instruction is discipline specific and covers the different shooting events within that discipline, the guns and equipment used, the courses of fire, detailed discipline and event rules, how to conduct firing for events in that discipline and guidelines for resolving rules issues and violations. Level II instruction is offered for the four shooting disciplines governed by the CMP: 1) Highpower Rifle (includes As-Issued Military Rifle), 2) Bulls-Eye Pistol, 3) Rimfire Sporter and 4) 3-Position Air Rifle. CMP-appointed Master Range Officers will teach Level II instruction for each of the four disciplines as one-day in-person training courses. Level II Student Handbooks will be provided for each discipline. After satisfactorily completing Level II, a password will be provided for those only who took the seat class for Level II.  Students then will be eligible to complete Level III training. Click Here to access the Level II website (password will be provided once Level II is completed).
If you have completed Level I and would like to attend a Level II class, please download the LEVEL II APPLICATION.

Level III. Level III training is also discipline specific. This training requires Range Officers who complete Level II training to work as Range Officers in shooting competitions under the supervision of a Master Range Officer. A CMP Range incident form notepad will be issued upon completion of Level II in all disciplines. Level II rifle & Pistol instructors will be issued a scoring template. Completion of Level III training is recognized by the issuance of a CMP Range Officer License with endorsements for each discipline in which Level II and Level III training is completed.

Range Officer Service. A major objective of this CMP program is to train and certify qualified Range Officers who can serve in CMP National Matches and CMP Travel Games competitions. The program is also open to individuals who want to be trained to serve as Range Officers in other sanctioned and non-sanctioned competitions. Range Officer assignments are usually voluntary although a per diem or expenses are sometimes paid for serving in larger competitions. The CMP maintains an automated database of all Certified and Licensed Range Officers that records the match official assignments they complete. The CMP plans to offer periodic online rule and rule interpretation updates as part of a continuing education program. Actual service in competitions and the completion of online updates will be required for recertification.

If you are interested in becoming trained and certified to serve as a Range Officer or Match Official in CMP competitions, the CMP invites you to complete this application and become part of this important training program.

2020 RO Level I Application

2020 RO Level II Application

If you have any questions about the CMP Range Officer Training Program,  please contact Kim Filipiak: 419-635-2141 ext. 706 or [email protected].