Shooting Tips from the USAMU Service Rifle Team

Shooting Tips from the USAMU Service Rifle Team


The U. S. Army Service Rifle Team and the CMP have teamed up to provide our First Shot readers with an opportunity to submit their questions on highpower/service rifle shooting and get answers from some of the greatest shooters and coaches in the country.  If you have questions about highpower rifle shooting techniques or equipment, send them to [email protected] and a USAMU shooter or coach will answer it here.  Click a topic on the list below to view questions that have been answered by the USAMU shooters and coaches.

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USAMU shooters and coaches also have agreed to provide periodic articles on highpower and service rifle shooting that the CMP will post, together with selected questions and answers, in the CMP’s on-line magazine, The First Shot.  You can subscribe to receive CMP Shooter's News email updates by clicking here.  The submitted articles are listed below:

Thinking Your Way to Success- By SSG Emil Praslick

The Importance of the Data Book - By SFC Jason St John

Better Performance Through Proper Nutrition - By CPL Walter Craig

It's Just a Sling - By SFC Lance Dement

Don’t Be "That Guy" - By SFC Norman Anderson

No-Wind Zero and Marking Your Sights - By SFC Jason St. John

Reading the Wind (Part 1, Rapid Fire) - By SSG Emil Praslick

Reading the Wind (Part 2, 600 Yard Firing) - By SSG Emil Praslick

Crossed-Ankle Sitting Position - By SFC Grant Singley

So you want to shoot Infantry Trophy? - By SFC Norman Anderson

Developing a Training Plan - By SFC Lance Dement

Rifle Cleaning and Maintenance - By SSG William T. Pace

Sight Adjustment and Minute of Angle (MOA) - By SSG Daniel M. Pettry

What Sight Picture Is Best For You? - By SSG Tobie Tomlinson

Standing and Trigger Control - By SGT Brandon Green

Bare Necessities for Highpower Rifle Competition - By SPC Nathan J. Verbickas

Physical Conditioning for Highpower Shooting - By SGT Walter E. Craig

Strapping In - By SPC Calvin Roberts

Straight to the Rear - By SPC Tyrel Cooper

Keep it Steady-The Elements of a Good Prone Position - Part 1-Building the Position - By SPC Matthew Sigrist

Coats, Gloves, and Mitts - By PFC Evan Hess